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Bach Flowers were discovered by Edward Bach at the beginning of the 20th century. He established a system of 38 flowers which works on unbalanced emotional states. For E. Bach, the disease would take place when there would be an imbalance in the psycho-emotional sphere.  

A support therapy in Bach Flowers allows you to come and work on the on emotions that are out of balance: fear, anxiety, feeling upset, anger, shyness, jealousy. fatigue, burnout, etc.  

How is a private session conducted?

During a Bach Flowers session, my role is to listen to you in order to understand which emotions need to be "worked on". 
I then 'translate' these emotions into flowers in order to create a cure that will be unique and adapted to your situation. At the end of the interview, we will create a bottle with the flowers discussed and selected to support you throughout a three-week cure.  

One emotion often hides another! At the end of this cure, it is always advisable to take a follow-up appointment to discuss the evolution of your situation.

You will always be welcomed in a space of trust that will remain confidential.  

Who can take Flowers? Are there any contraindications?

It is a simple method, accessible to all, without dangers, without side effects and without contraindications. 

Bach Flowers can be taken at any age, at any stage of life and in any situation encountered. 

What form do the flowers take?

Bach Flowers are taken in the form of drops. 

At the end of your session I will give you a bottle which will be enough for you to follow a 3-week cure.


The price of a Bach Flower consultation with the making of a bottle is 50€
The interview usually lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. 
Interviews can be done face-to-face or by video. If the interview takes place by phone or video, we will send you your bottle by Mail (allow an additional €5 for shipping). 
Appointments can be made directly using the form at the end of the page, by email or by telephone.

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Sessions, Treatments and Rates

For any additional questions regarding our rates, our treatments and our sessions, contact us via this form or directly by email or phone.

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible!
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