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Discover the benefits of Reiki


What is this?

Reiki is a practiceholistic, consists inbalance energies of the person, so that they can find alasting and deep appeasementin terms of soundphysical body,  psychological and emotional.

Thismeditative relaxation by touch on specific points of theenergy circuit from the bodypromotes natural health, by awakening in each of us adynamic healing process by intervening on thevibrational fieldof the person

What benefits?

Reiki helps promote a state ofrelaxation, ofsoothe the body and mind, to provide a feeling ofwell-being, to learn thelet go, allows the dresolving blockages and theharmonization of thecirculation of energy, to support ahealing potential,physical and emotional

Thus, we can rfind restful sleep, L'appeasement a betterenergetic harmony,less stress and physical pain, etc.

Reiki and Medicine

Reiki can accompany any treatment, however, It is important to emphasize that Reiki does not replace or exclude medical treatment.

When to use Reiki?

Reiki can be used in any situation and at any time. It is particularly recommended in situations ofstress, ofdepression, ofanxiety, of sleep disorder, Foraccompany the illness or somechronic pain, inperiod of mourning, etc…

Sacred Unity and Reiki

Adesh Aarti trained atlevel 1 and 2 of Reiki Usui in Australia in 2018. She finished her training in 2019 in Canada and becameReiki Master Teacher at the end of thelevels 3 and 4.

Today, it offersReiki sessions at his officeand will very soon offerUsui Reiki level 1 and 2 training.

Make an appointment

A Reiki session can take place inface-to-face but also to distance! Efficiency is not reduced!
To make an appointment, please send an email toadeshaartikaur@gmail,com

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