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An overview on Conscious Death

Many teachings tell us that dying is the most important time of life, and how the purpose of life is to prepare for death. When our last breath comes, if we remember our practice, the soul can be raised to escape the body through the crown chakra, the 10th gate, so we can access the Blue Ethers more easily.

Conscious Death is “approaching the inevitability of passing from this realm to the next, in a yogic perspective” says Guru Dharam.

But how can we consciously prepare ourselves for the process of dying?


Our practice is our greatest tool to approach death consciously.

When we meditate and reach Samadhi, we experience the quality of stability in the understanding of being One with Consciousness. Stability seems to be the most important quality to connect with in the dying process for Dharma Singh.

He compares the death process to the crisis process and explains how every crisis experienced in life is a training towards death. “When we consciously go through the process of a crisis, we can adapt it to the process of dying as the two processes are the same”.

Stability plays a key role when the body is changing and dying. The soul needs to be strong and connect with the quality of stability to keep its focus when going through the “divine grinding” process.

In this process we review our life, must meditate on infinity and the pranic body leaves the physical body. It is, for Sat Atma Kaur, “the most important time of your life so you can liberate yourself”. When reviewing our life, we can clear all our Karma, if we manage to stay in the positive or neutral mind and manage not to judge ourselves. “If we are not in a state of elevation at that time, it can be a devastating moment.”

The soul is confronted with the choice of merging with Oneness, a cold and unfamiliar path, or pursue with the world it already knows, a warm and recognisable path. To escape Karma, the cold path is the one to follow as it is the one that leads to Oneness, however, being unknown, it requires a lot of determination to approach it and follow it.

Just before the pranic body leaves the physical body, we can connect with our Divine Infinity by repeating a Pran sutra (meaning “Teaching of the life force”) which will assist the soul to rise through the electromagnetic field of earth and reach the Blue Ethers to give us the experience of merging with the One.


Preparing for a conscious death comes from living a conscious life. So how do we choose to use and live our lives?

Living a yogic and conscious lifestyle will allow us to connect with the teachings.

Our practice will teach us how to raise our energy up to experience Samadhi, the neutral mind and stability.

Getting acquainted with the process of death by rehearsing death in meditation, and visualising the journey to the Blue Ethers will give us clarity of what to expect.

Learning and chanting Pran sutras regularly will create a habit and cultivate consciousness to have the presence of mind to apply these teachings at the critical time.


If you wish to know more about the subject and be guided through life, death, loss, and transformation, I recommend reading Dying into Life by Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa.


“What do we need to know about death?”

YB replied “If you know Kundalini Yoga, that’s all you need to know.”

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